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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                               JUNE 24, 1997

     Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE; BRK.A and BRK.B) and Star
Furniture Company of Houston, TX announce that they have signed a
definitive agreement for the merger of Star with a Berkshire
Hathaway Inc. subsidiary according to a joint announcement by
Melvyn Wolff and Shirley Toomim, co-owners of Star and by Warren
Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire.  The transaction, which is subject
to certain customary closing conditions, is expected to be
consummated on July 1, 1997.

     "We couldn't be more pleased than to have the opportunity to
become a part of what we believe to be the finest family of
companies ever assembled under one corporate name", said Wolff. 
"Warren Buffett has demonstrated a legendary track record for
growth and we want to be part of it."

     Star was founded in 1912 and the Wolff and Toomim families
have been involved for nearly all of it's 85 year history.  Star is
listed as the 32nd largest furniture retailer in the nation in
Furniture Today's list of the top 100 retailers, and has posted
significant sales increases in recent years.

     Star associates learned of the merger at a company wide
breakfast held at the George R. Brown Convention Center at which
Mr. Buffett and Mr. Wolff spoke about the transaction.

     Star becomes the third furniture retailer to be acquired by
Berkshire Hathaway, joining Nebraska Furniture Mart (27th in the Top
100 list and in which Berkshire Hathaway owns 80% of the stock) and
R.C. Willey (20th in the Top 100 list).  Total combined revenues for
the three companies are estimated at $684 million.

     Officers of Star include Melvyn Wolff, Chairman/CEO; Shirley
Toomim, Vice Chairman  of the Board; Mark Schreiber, President;
Bill Ward, Vice President/Operations; Gary Gibson, Vice President,
Finance/CFO; Steve Robinson, Vice President/MIS; Larry Eshelman,
Vice President/Credit and Collections and Alan Kramer, Vice

     There will be no changes in the management or the management
style of the company according to Mr. Wolff.  Mr. Buffett expressed
his confidence in the current management team and especially in the
positive results the company is enjoying.

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