The Company has two classes of common stock designated Class A Common 
Stock and Class B Common Stock. Each share of Class A Common Stock is 
convertible, at the option of the holder, into 30 shares of Class B 
Common Stock. Shares of Class B Common Stock are not convertible into 
shares of Class A Common Stock.

Stock Transfer Agent

     The Bank of Boston, _ Boston EquiServe, P.O. Box 8040, Boston, MA 
02266-8040 serves as Transfer Agent and Registrar for the Company's 
common stock. Correspondence may be directed to Investor Relations, Mail 
Stop 45-02-64. Certificates for re-issue or transfer should be directed 
to the Transfer Processing Section, Mail Stop 45-01-05. Notices for 
conversion and underlying stock certificates should be directed to 
Corporate Reorganization, Mail Stop 45-02-53. Phone inquiries should be 
directed to Investor Relations - (617) 575-3100.

     Shareholders of record wishing to convert Class A Common Stock into 
Class B Common Stock should contact Bank of Boston to obtain a "form of 
conversion notice" and instructions for converting their shares. 
Shareholders may call Bank of Boston between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. 
Eastern Time to request a "form of conversion notice."

     Alternatively, shareholders may notify Bank of Boston in writing. 
Along with the underlying stock certificate, shareholders should provide 
Bank of Boston with specific written instructions regarding the number of 
shares to be converted and the manner in which the Class B shares are to 
be registered. We recommend that you use certified or registered mail 
when delivering the stock certificates and written instructions.

     If Class A shares are held in "street name", shareholders wishing to 
convert all or a portion of their holding should contact their broker or 
bank nominee. It will be necessary for the nominee to make the request 
for conversion.


     The Company had approximately 9,000 record holders of its Class A 
Common Stock and 6,000 record holders of its Class B Common Stock at 
March 7, 1997. Record owners included nominees holding at least 220,000 
shares of Class A Common Stock and 750,000 shares of Class B Common Stock 
on behalf of beneficial-but-not-of-record owners.

Price Range of Common Stock

     The Company's Class A and Class B Common Stock are listed for trading 
on the New York Stock Exchange, trading symbol: BRK.A and BRK.B. The 
following table sets forth the high and low sales prices per share, as 
reported on the New York Stock Exchange Composite List during the periods 

                   Class A *           Class B *                            Class A *
               -----------------   -----------------                    -----------------
1996             High      Low       High      Low       1995            High       Low
               -------   -------   -------   -------                    -------   -------
First Quarter  $38,000   $29,800     N/A       N/A       First Quarter  $25,200   $20,250
Second Quarter  36,000    30,000   $ 1,220   $   990     Second Quarter  24,450    21,500
Third Quarter   33,500    30,500     1,117     1,005     Third Quarter   30,600    23,400
Fourth Quarter  36,500    31,000     1,175     1,036     Fourth Quarter  33,400    28,850

* Class B Common Stock was first issued on May 8, 1996. At that time 
  Berkshire's then outstanding common stock was redesignated Class A 
  Common Stock.

     Berkshire has not declared a cash dividend since 1967.